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Join our growing Team as Associate!

OnePurpose Network is gearing up to become the largest ESG Leader Network worldwide. Become part of the Team and help us change the world.

OnePurpose is the newest Project of some of the most influential minds in the European Executive Search and Investment space and we want you to join our team and help us build an amazing organization. We are currently developing the Platform that will revolutionize networking for leaders driven by sustainability goals. We will launch in Q1 next year and have already signed up clients from some of the largest investment and consultancy houses in the world.

The most ambitious project in the world calls for the word’s most ambitious people. The work you do here will have a lasting impact not just on how we live our lives, but the future of the planet itself.

About OnePurpose Network: We help a new generation ESG leaders build a better and more sustainable world by providing them with access to the most impactful ideas, talents & funding worldwide.

At a time in which the world faces existential challenges at a scale like never before, rethinking the status quo of how we do business, is no longer optional. Leaders, founders & investors across the globe are pushing the boundaries of their domains every single day. It is time to supercharge these efforts. The change is here, it’s now and it needs a platform.

Through our unique AI & matching mechanism, we provide the leading minds in the ESG world with access to a personalized network which is fully tailored to their specific business needs, exactly when they need it.

All members of the exclusive platform are pre-qualified and able to join by personal invitation only, or by applying through an independent panel of experts. The platform offers users the ability to significantly extend their relevant professional network in order to raise or invest capital, find future business partners, professionalize their management/advisory teams or source specialized service providers.

If you believe in our mission and have something to contribute towards it, then you could find yourself among the pioneers who are paving the way towards a better future.


If you feel like the following characteristics describe you as a person, we believe you’d fit right in:

  • Empathy & Interest in People – This Job offers the chance to directly interact with many of the leading figures in the global ESG space. From top-class CEOs to Investors and innovators around the globe. You need the ability and interest to genuinely connect with these people and to do everything you can to help them reach their goals.
  • Innate curiosity – You like to read, you like to meet people, and you like to ask questions. Once you get answers to your questions you usually have more questions. Our task concentrates largely on understanding and evaluating business models and personal performance, however your job will address various fields of life from renewable energy to circular economies or agtech.
  • You want to make a difference – Impact is what drives you and you want to be part of the change all around us. ESG means more to you than just something your read about in the news.
  • Passion – For what you do and the people around you. You are able to excite people and regularly get excited by ideas yourself.
  • You get things done – You are not afraid of taking on responsibility and you want to understand the why? as much as the how?. You don’t pride yourself on how many hours you worked, but on how many things you got done in this time.
  • Team dedication – We appreciate and reward both team effort and personal contribution. This means that whereas you will have personal wins which are the result of your hard work, you need to be open and receptive to the goals and needs of your team members. We don’t leave anyone behind, and we don’t build careers on the backs of our friends and colleagues

We appreciate openness and honesty and thus, we want to give you a glimpse how your daily job can look like. We believe a job at OnePurpose is a superb opportunity for personal development, learning and fun, and there are some tasks that fall under your responsibility as an Associate:

  • Working on a whole range of different work streams, ranging from business development, analytics and customer support. This might mean interviewing new members of the platform, validating an investment thesis or diving deep into the analysis of a certain subsector
  • Conducting extensive analytical and qualitative research into companies, markets, technologies and user cohorts
  • Attending meetings with leading industry figures, together with senior team members (and later by yourself)
  • Assisting senior team members with networking with leading executives, investors and advisors by:
    • Researching companies in relevant sectors to identify potential users and world-class executives with whom OnePurpose Network can build relationships
    • Helping to monitor and track deals and news in the ESG space in Europe and globally. Mapping all the active private investors in the sector and keeping abreast of their investment priorities
    • Helping the team to prepare marketing material when pitching and introducing our services to new clients
  • Customer support & trouble shooting – we are a start-up and everyone does everything to help our users get the most of our platform

The role offers a unique opportunity to become an expert on the dynamics of the global ESG space and a range of relevant verticals, with a high level of direct exposure to the leaders of some of the top companies in the world. We expect all our team members to build a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the ESG/Sustainabilty/Impact ecosystem and the different structures and strategies that affect both investors and business leaders.

We give our employees significant independence and responsibility and encourage all employees to contribute to the development of our service offering as the business continues to scale.

There will be an opportunity to participate in an employee stock option program (ESOP) and earn shares of the business that you will help to build.



This job has expired.

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