Unifai GmbH

Let's Digitalize your Hotel

Company Detail

Against the backdrop of quickly rising digitalization needs, as well as high losses due to COVID within the hotel industry, Unifai’s mission is to shape and sustain the future of modern hospitality by creating viable digitalization efforts via an intuitive platform to achieve unprecedented value, saving costs and helping their clients to arrive at operational excellence at the core.

In other words, Unifai aims to help hospitality providers to arrive at digital excellence ahead of the industry by supporting them with the digital tool they need to succeed. Unifai is offering:

– A smart management dashboard to deliver the ability to interconnect a hotels’ workforce,
– A data analytics system to give an overview of important KPIs,
– A Maintenance Registration and Preventative Maintenance tool to spot and repair broken items faster – – An automated Lost & Found tool to digitize items that have been forgotten to enable employees to return lost items to customers as quickly as possible
– An optimized smart mobile app to give every employee a central access
– A handbook function to train new employees as efficiently as possible and to give staff the necessary information at hand for every situation

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