Changing perceptions

Company Detail

SANDHELDEN is the world‘s leading company for the production and post-processing of 3D-printed objects made of sand. In addition to its own bathroom collections, the company offers a versatile service for international customers from a wide range of industries with its Creative Manufactory. 

SANDHELDEN‘s patented process is based on a modern 3D printing technology, binder jetting, and a specially developed post-processing process. This combination enables the company to offer its customers customized solutions. 

The company offers a diverse material portfolio within its manufacturing process, which is predominantly based on quartz sand. This is sourced exclusively from regional sources. The sand is particularly appealing due to its incomparable haptic and its high resistance. In line with the company´s claim „Changing perceptions“, SANDHELDEN manages to change the general perception of sand as a loose material by shaping it into long-lasting and robust objects. 

SANDHELDEN is the only company in the bathroom industry that manufactures products made of sand. In addition to the exclusivity of the material, the added value lies in the customization offered. 

Clients can customize products in design, size and color to suit their individual needs. 

With the Creative Manufactory, SANDHELDEN offers the advantages of its process as a service to customers from a wide range of industries. These include the innovative use of sand as a design material, a fast 3D printing speed, the production of large-volume objects, and the endless possibilities of shape design. For each project, SANDHELDEN offers its customers a comprehensive range of services including customized consulting. 

SANDHELDEN sets itself the goal of making processes and products as sustainable as possible. For this reason, the company is developing to expand its materials portfolio to include recyclable materials such as plastic waste collected from the oceans.

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