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Rethinking Pathology. One out of every two people will confront a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life. That’s why each and every cancer test needs to be quick, safe and reliable.

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Introducing PATHOLOGIE 4.0 ©

Many people hear the word ‘pathology’ and think ‘autopsies’. But at its core, histopathology (the science of studying body tissue in relation to disease) works to save lives. That’s why inveox is bringing technology and automation to histopathology labs. Our system strengthens the safety and reliability of cancer diagnostics, and we boost the efficiency and productivity of labs by allowing them to process more samples in less time.

A hundred-year-old problem

How does a cancer diagnosis begin? When a tissue sample (“biopsy”) arrives to a lab, it needs to be manually repacked and relabelled (“sample entry”). This is tedious, unstimulating, and time-consuming work that requires constant attention from a lab technician. Any irregularities can disrupt the entire process and, worst case, lead to severe consequences for patients. Each year in Germany alone hundreds of patients will receive a misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment due to false positive or false negative lab results.

Solved for the first time

Studies show that anywhere from 1-15% of tissue samples get mixed up, contaminated, or lost during this first step of diagnosis. inveox develops innovative solutions to ensure that all of these are a thing of the past. From biopsy to slide review, we enable faster and more reliable cancer diagnoses through a digitalized, fully-automated, and integrated histopathology process. Whether it’s patients, relatives, doctors, laboratory technicians, or others who are directly or indirectly impacted by inveox – we are helping people. Sample by sample.

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