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Atul Ekad
Performance Marketers | I help companies to achieve business objectives using various marketing channels
7 days ago
Working Student
24 February, 2023
Experienced Finance Professional
14 February, 2023
Business Development Professional
12 January, 2023
Versicherungsmathematiker mit IT-Affinität
6 December, 2022
I manage tech-teams in a very structured way with a great eye for detail. My leadership capabilities are described as empathetic and persistent, with a track record of motivating and engaging 6 team members. I love to dive into new fields, and my special interests are in AI related topics, especially in health and medical fields.
2 December, 2022
4 November, 2022
Consultant in CSR, BD strategies and DEI. Business and Social Impact.
3 November, 2022
Software Developer
1 November, 2022
Hi! I'm an exchange student at TUM in Munich in the field of Management currently looking for a working student position in a start-up!
9 September, 2022

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