Nediljko Sipic

Nediljko Sipic

Junior backend developer
Work experience
  • Junior Frontend developerWebmark design
    1.3.2020 - 1.7.2020

    Interviewing customers about wanted product(website) look/functionality
    Maintenance of websites
    Process of editing the content of pages (adding text, photos, videos,
    creating new sub-pages and refining existing ones)
    Updating the latest version of the system, updating the design, upgrading
    SSL certificates, etc
    Managing social media accounts

  • Marine Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologiesFaculty of Maritime studies Split
    1.10.2016 - 16.9.2019

    To monitor, maintain and effectively manage marine electrical system:
    To analyze schemes of electronic control and monitoring systems and
    detect and eliminate causes of their malfunctioning.
    To test communicational and navigational equipment operation.
    To make simple electrical schemes of operation and control of low and high
    voltage power systems on board.
    To analyze load distribution in the ship’s power system.
    To design simple analogue and digital electronic circuits.
    To monitor, maintain, and effectively mange shipboard electronic systems.
    To verify the processes of implementation and maintenance of hardware
    and software computer network components.
    To design database schema in the relative database management system
    and connect business rules and the database integrity conditions.
    To provide hardware or software support (PLC and/or miicrocontroller) for
    process control.
    To plan and implement occupational safety measures for handling
    electrical devices.
    To classify, interpret, and critically asses the elements of maritime-law
    regulations aimed at safety of life at sea.

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